Hello! So happy to have found this site!

I found out about this site on Twitter somehow, and joined…then promptly forgot the name of it, because it was right before I went to sleep for the night LOL

Anyway, glad to have an alternative to the other spot, though I do still peruse there from time to time. I am going to work on migrating things over and posting here, though!

I mostly crochet, knit a little bit, and have about 15 projects (feels like!) going at once LOL


Nice to have you with us!
I don’t think I have 15 projects going at once but I am not going to count them because I am afraid of what I might find…

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Welcome! I, too, am in limbo. It bothers me that I relied on one site so much, but it has helped me to discover some wonderful designers and their webpages. It has also encouraged me to take charge of my knitting inventory and consider a possible career. This is a great forum and it’s expanding to fit our needs. Have fun exploring and feel free to ask any questions, the site owner is very open and welcoming!

I’m going to split hairs (fibers?) and say I have one project.

Ok, one knitting project. One spinning project, and another spinning project to start on October 6th, when the week-long replacement to Spinzilla occurs.

Ok, there’s last year’s Christmas project that still needs to be sewn together.