Hello from the ATL

Hello! I am so happy that new knitting and crafting sites are opening up as a result of the censorship and intolerance (and monopolized control) of the online crafting community. One of the best things that has come out of it for me, is that I have gotten online and done my own research, and been exposed to a lot of designers and yarn providers that I didn’t even know existed. My enthusiasm for knitting has really blossomed as a result.

I have been knitting for 47 years, am self taught and a Combination knitter. I have tried unsuccessfully to pick up crochet - I don’t think my brain comprehends it!


Welcome. I have always noticed that most people who learned to knit first have some difficulties crocheting. I am a prime example.
Those who learn to crochet first often find knitting frustrating.
I deduce that there is some brain functionality that needs rewiring.
I have the crocheting down now, but the directions baffle me. I was self taught. Often I end up looking at the picture and just making up my own directions!