Hello from Georgia

Glad to be here from Georgia! A friend shared this site. I love making friends that love to knit, spin, cook
and other crafts. The biggest challenge I have is not having to many projects going at one time. HaHa. There are so many beautiful patterns and yarns to bring them to life.


I am from GA, too!:slightly_smiling_face: I tend to over-commit to projects, too… There’s another thread with several others from GA… I will tag you there.


How does that work? I have been trying to organize my hobbies. Hubby said “start a blog” that’s not helping. I work in crochet, paper mache, decoupage, building bookshelves in cardboard and I even have four planners in my life. I want to take up scrapbooking too. Crochet though is my first love.


Hey - another Georgia resident here :slight_smile: I crochet and start more projects than I finish because they’re all going at once. Haven’t gotten the hang of knitting yet - I hear that’s a bit normal for folks who learned to crochet first. I also hand sew …sewing machines & I don’t get along very well. ha!


So what part of Georgia are you Ladies from?
I worked at KingsBay Sub Base in Kingsland,GA for
7 yrs in their child Development center.

I’m about two hours north of where you were.

Closer to Savannah then?

Shhhh - don’t tell General Sherman there are still a lot of us here :wink:

What do you mean by that?

It’s where I live. Nothing more