Hello from Eastern Shore of Maryland, Delaware and Florida!

I know! Princess problems with 3 homes but 1 is for sale and 1 is a campground and the other is my Snowbird sanctuary! I love the beach, walking my Boston Terriers, nature, knitting, crocheting, Reading, Cooking, riding my bike and yakking with fellow crafters!
Left Ravelry after their turn to Political rather than craft. But have found a whole nother world out there! Look forward to Open Ravel’s success!

Hugs… Marg


Hopefully Florida is not the one you will be selling. The beach has a way of making lots of things better. :beach_umbrella:
As for that other place, it would be nice if some serious soul-searching was well underway over there by this time. Somehow I doubt that’s happening, though.
But it’s all good because as you said - there’s a whole other world out there.
OpenRavel came along at just the right time!

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Hi Marg, I’m in Lewes. I love to knit and sew with a bit of crochet when necessary :wink:



Hello Pat!! We should try to meet up somewhere. I love to sit’nknit! I spend most of my summer at Tall Pines Campground. Not the fanciest place in town, but I love the setting and the people are all very nice. Give me a nudge if you want to have coffee sometime and we can go from there. Love to meet new people!

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Hi Toni! No, FL is staying… LOL! Right on the Gulf of Mexico… so beautiful. But my little farm in Maryland has got to go. Too much for me to take care of since my husband passed. Time to move on.
Yes… I am very sad about R and what they did. I didn’t even know they had political forums! So it was a big kick in the gut for me. But I am now so hopeful for bigger and better things for our fiber world. Exciting!

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You are very close by. We love this area. It would be nice to meet some time.

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We visited Lewes last month! Went camping at Cape Henlopen. I really love Delaware! We live in NJ and it is pretty close. Couldn’t find a yarn shop though, and not for lack of trying!

Glad you had a good time camping at the beach. Yeah, the only yarn shop in Rehoboth closed a yr or so ago. A shop called The Brush Factory in Lewes has a vendor with some yarn. That’s about it. There is a yarn store in Bethany south of us about 15 min or so.

Berlin Maryland has a nice yarn shop. And it’s a beautiful town full of antique shops. Assateague Island is right there so you can make it a weekend or day trip.

Let’s set up a meet n greet! I’m on the Georgetown side of Rt 9 outside of Lewes within smelling range of Hopkins Dairy!!! Not sure which end of Rehoboth you are on?
On my end there is a neat little Coffee shop in Milton DE called The Suburban Farmhouse that is nice and has a couch area. Also the Lewes Library might let us sit and knit? Just throwing out some ideas.

Hi, how about the Lewes library? I will send you a direct message with my email.

Pat S.