Hello from Eastern Oregon


One of the migrants from the site that shall not be named. I am already less stressed.
My oldest sister while she was a WAVE in the Navy taught me to knit and crochet. I was maybe 5 or 6 at the time.

Ive done both knitting and crochet off and on for years now mixed in with other fiber and non-fiber hobbies. My problem seems to be too many interests, my husband laughs at me. I love learning new things…As far as knitting goes I’ve been focusing on lace and I love stranded work. I also spin - my husband keeps asking me for more hand spun - hand knit socks - well see :sunglasses:


Lovely! I spun my first sock yarn last year and turned it into my first pair of handspun socks. I LOVE them!!! Definitely on my agenda to do that some more :slight_smile:


That’s fabulous…

I will admit that the first pair I made for my husband had some overspun bits…He would lovely embarrass me in front of friends - bragging about the “hard socks” I spun and knitted for him…:smile:

Thank goodness Ive gotten to be a better spinner.


That is awesome that he loved them though :slight_smile:Yeah, I have plenty of yarns that have overspun bits or underspun bits here and there :slight_smile: But each time is a bit better.


Hi there - this caught my eye because I am also in Eastern Oregon!