Hello from Bastrop, Texas

Hello! I love to knit everything but toe-up socks are my passion. I also love to knit and felt hats, oven mitts, cup cozies, etc. as well as items for my great- and grandchildren & for Bill & I. I often write my own designs and share as free .pdfs. I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone in this brave, new environment!


Hello @GayleP. :smiley:

Toe-up socks are great!

We look forward to getting to know you as well, thank you for being here. :slight_smile:

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Hi! I used to live in Bastrop, well Cedar Creek. My DH worked at the federal prison. My son was born in Austin 24 years ago. A lot has changed! We were there when the new Walmart Supercenter was built. Crazy how time flies! I bet I wouldn’t even recognize it. It was so sad when the theatre burned. That has been a few years, as well. I miss the BBQ, but I certainly do not miss the fire ants. I enjoy knitting socks and think toe-up are great!

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High Neighbor! I’m between Walburg and Weir east of Georgetown. Someday I’ll turn the heal on the pairs of toe up socks on my needles. I hope.

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Hi, loraRua … we live in the far SE tip of Colovista off McAllister Rd. We don’t have fire ants but do also love the bbq! :smiley: I just finished a baby-girl headband ,Toe-Up ruffled booties for a September-expected great-granddaughter plus a feather& fan bordered blanket. Love to knit! But, tried a tubular bind-off and gave up on that! Watch 3-4 videos and tried several directions but too fiddly! :smirk:

I love Toe-Up Socks! I’ve knitted at least 100 pairs of them. My family all have them and always wanting more!

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You are quite the knitter! Over 100?! Congratulations on your expected great-granddaughter! I’m loving being a grandmother, I wonder if I’ll ever get to that lofty height of being a great-grandmother. My maternal grandmother was one and it was pretty awesome for my kids. She almost made it to great great, but passed away 10 days shy of her 99th year.

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Hi GayleP!! I prefer toe-up socks to cuff-down. But my passion is sweaters and cardigans. Nice to meet you!!

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I need someone to show me how to do Judy’s magic cast on. I’ve tried to figure it out from pictures and YouTube, but to no avail.

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Do you need help for JMC for toe up socks? Two at a time? that’s how I knit my socks!!

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I need to figure out how to do JMCO. Two at a time socks is a great idea, but I’m convinced I’d knit the socks together.:flushed: I wish I could figure JMCO out- it looks SO useful, and not just for socks.


Howdy neighbor - I love Bastrop and try to get out that way every chance I get. We live just outside of Austin between Driftwood and Dripping Springs - or as we like to call it - just west of Weird.

I’ve tried toe-up socks, but my preferred method is cuff-down with a double gusset. It fits my freakishly high arch perfectly.

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I live in Katy. Nice to see some more Texans on here. I love knitting socks. Unfortunately it’s so hot in my area so I don’t knit quite as many now.

Hello @GayleP! :two_hearts:Your username gave me a start, I too am a Gayle P (Peel).

I also originally read your intro as “Bishop Texas,” where my brother lives.:wink:

I’m not great on knitting socks, have done only one pair & they were cuff down.