Greetings from the Sand Hills area of NC


I’m a sixty something happily married man with a super fantastic kiddo. My wonderful wife could not be less interested in knitting, sewing, quilting, etc. She loves to support me in my interests though, and is a big time enabler. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


A supportive spouse is the best and I’m so glad you have such a doll standing with you.
I hope you find good friends and fun here. :smile:


Welcome! It sounds like you have quite the homestead!

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An enabling spouse! How fortunate you are!

College is outrageously expensive! We were very fortunate. Our daughter (she’s also an only child) won a scholarship, but that didn’t cover room and board, books, and the cute little category called “incidentals.” Whew. Now she’s engaged (so very happy - her fiancé is a sergeant in the Rangers and at the top of his class in law school (where he’s studying for a JD/MBA). Oh well, so we’ll keep working to help pay for the wedding!

Keep doing all of those hobbies. I’m sure they’re great for your heart!


Congrats on your daughter. Our son is our only one too.


He sounds like an amazing young man!

I can’t believe what college costs today. It’s ridiculous. I’m glad my three graduated twenty years ago. Yikes.

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