Greetings from Canada

I’m Melanie and have been knitting since I was six, crochet since nine, but do prefer knitting. I am Christian conservative and canadian. Aim to be kind to everyone.


Welcome @Melsey! :smiley:

Being kind to everyone is a great way to live. You’ve definitely found the right place here for that. :slight_smile:


Me too @Melsey! Christian conservative and Canadian! :heart:


Cool! I’m in SW manitoba, you?

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I’m a Canadian conservative as well. Hi from AB.


Cool!. We were in edm visiting relatives when this happened!. Once we get back I need to clear out of r and deactivate.

And Salutations from USA! I used to live in Canada; Chilliwack, BC to be more precise. We lived there so my husband could attend UBC for a masters program. We loved it there, but when our dollars went par, we moved back to Oregon. We were only there for about a year and a half.

Happy Canada Day!

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I’m Teresa from Ga, Christian conservative!! We shall be known for our love! Not hate! I visited Nova Scotia in 2015, absolutely loved it !! Especially eating the lobster and fish!! Met up with a knitting group one night…they were great! Hope to visit Canada again.