Great yarn sales?

Is there a place where we (as customers, not vendors) post great yarn sales?

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I think this thread is perfect for that.

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The French Knot in Diamondhead, MS has a 50% off room. It’s just off i10 so easy to get to on most any cross country road trip in the south. Definitely worth the stop.

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ICE yarns has amazing bulk deals all the time, idk about their quality though.

Knitpicks has a 30% off cotton sale and 20% off needles sale right now.

Jimmybeanswool has some good sale items right now too, including Cascade in Charcoal for around $6 USD. (My favorite yarn!)

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Abundant Yarn Online is having a sale on its huge selection of Cascade yarns:

This sale goes through September 20th!


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Oh no, my budget… :eagle: there it goes… this thread was a bad idea lol!


I’ve found some good deals at bluprint – they often have online coupons.

For me, the membership was worthwhile … their Makers’ Black Friday in August was epic.

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I bagged a whole bunch of massive skeins at Woolyarns’ annual sale here in Lower Hutt.
Two 8ply skeins of about 1kg each, one bulky skein of just under a kilo, and one giant monster skein (light 8ply?) weighing over two kilos!
They’re a smidge coarse, though, so I’m going to wind them into smaller, more manageable skeins and give them a bath in woolwash and see how they feel then.
The 8ply is 9wpi - more like a worsted or aran yarn? - so goodness knows how bulky the bulky is! Still, for approx NZD5/kg, I ain’t regretting any of it :slight_smile:

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Always happy to get a great deal.

It looks like a 40% off sale at

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Oh my, this color is all the rage this fall. $15 for 420 yards of merino/viscose aint too shabby! Too bad im on a fiber diet! Thanks for sharing though!

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