Granny square day-- what did you make?

I have really enjoyed seeing pics of Granny Square Day 2019 on Instagram. If you took part in Granny Square Day, what square or project did you share?

This is my sunflower square, inspired by a designer who shared a Tunisian sunflower pattern. I came up with my own version.


this one, pattern design by Bella Coco Crochet I made for my blanket :blush:


What beautiful work, Caroline!!!

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@Needlekrafter Thank you!!! :blush::heartpulse:

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I’ve never heard of granny square day! But I may have done a bit of granny-squaring, all the same. The one I started this morning is teal, cream and bright orange, but just a very plain standard granny square - nothing fancy.


Deborah, that sounds lovely!

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I did not know there was a granny square day, but all of the ones shared here are so lovely.


@iluv2Knit2 Thank you!

I’ve never heard of granny square day either, but here are a couple that I’ve made and I’m also working on the granny square blanket for my daughter-in-law right now for her birthday in October.


@EasyCreations, your granny squares are very beautiful!!!

@Needlekrafter, thank you. I was just messing around with different colors, but didn’t really have the colors I was looking for on hand. It was good practice. :slight_smile:

Would you mind if I shared these images with others in my church blanket-making group? Some of us do granny squares, but nothing like this (yet)! They’re gorgeous without being (as far as I can tell!) unmanageably complex.

I’ll do one better, here’s the link to the video I followed to make them. You’re also welcome to show them to your group. They look best with deep, bright colors. There are other videos too, but I like this one without the extra chain between the DC’s. If you want to see more, just search “Daisy in the Corner Granny Square” and several will come up. Have fun and maybe post pictures of them after your group makes some.


I also made this star (8 points) afghan last year for Christmas and I’m now working on a royal blue one with a white snowflake (6 points). These can also be found on the Internet as free patterns.



Oo, thank you! I’ll definitely be giving this a try!
Who knows, I might even manage a snowflake. :snowflake:

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Here’s the free snowflake one I’m working on now. They are quite simple, just do exactly as the pattern says and it turns out great. There are youtube videos too, just search in youtube for them. and also a PDF here

Here’s the Christmas star one I made last year. It says hot pad, but I made an afghan from them.


Wow, your sunflower square is amazing! I didn’t even know there was a granny square day.

I will share mine but I am a beginner crocheter. so you will see some wonky stuff. LOL I am primarily a knitter and can’t “read” crochet like I can with knitting. Therefore, there is a fair amount of guessing.


Oh those are simply gorgeous!! I’ve never seen off-center ones like those before!

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Beautiful, and love the color changing yarn. It looks wonderful, not wonky at all! I tend to block my granny squares because I find it’s easier to join if they are all the same size, haha! :slight_smile:

So beautiful, thank you for sharing!