Google filtering out this site

I just tried to search for this site using my google browser and couldn’t find it. Wondering if it’s part of their new filtering/ sensoring project…


Thank you @Cyn for testing that. We have some optimizations we can do to improve our visibility.

We’ll get to that ASAP.


You showed up just fine using bing and Yahoo

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Had the same issue on Google.


I don’t use Google anymore, but had a few issues on Bing. I finally got it to come up using:

dont find you on duckduckgo either. used terms open ravel and openravel or even community.openravel.


Yes, I had trouble this morning. But I follow you on Twitter… so got here that way. :slight_smile:


As Wikipedia is user-editable, I wonder if Open Ravel would show up as a Wiki entry or item in a google search - if someone were to create said Wiki entry. Hmm…:thinking:

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be careful with wikipedia. the editors (those that allow/disallow user edits) have an agenda - one that mirrors the site that should not be named. sigh…


Well that’s probably not a suitable avenue, then. Big tech seems to have way too much unchecked autonomous power and reach.


That’s a shame and so wrong for a company to do that. I haven’t used google in years. You do have options to choose from, I use Bing. I just tried it in Bing using “open ravel” and it’s the first option.

I don’t know about others but I can not get Bing or Google to pull up this website. They both want to direct me to The only way I got here was to click on a link I found in Ravelry prior to deleting my account. I saved the link at that time. However, I can not get this site to open on my iPad. It will go through all the motions to load but it will not open up. This is the only site I have not been able to open also. I’m wondering if others are not able to access the site on their iPads.


I could not find you on google either. I put the name openravel into facebook search and found you.

New websites don’t always pop in google right away. It takes time for their web bots to crawl it and add it. There are some things the devs can do to add it faster and bump it up in the results though.


I found it on Bing by putting in OpenRavel as two words.

hello lightning57,

i can open in my ipad but i could not sigh up via the ipad. Used our microsoft machine to signup.

Apple settings can be funky.

I too signed up via HP computer & microsoft. I still can load it on ipad it just won’t open. I’ve looked through all my settings to see if I’m overlooking something, but get nowhere. It’s frustrating because the ipad is what I have to use in the evenings and night. The computer is used for other purposes at that time.

I added the link to my home screen. Going to go check my DuckDuckGo.
Not really a good test as OpenRavel shows up in my history.

Interesting, I did not realize that about wiki.

Bing, also. I had to search twice to find it.