FiberCrafty: like Etsy, but for Fiber Arts

A friend of mine runs a site called FiberCrafty. It’s like Etsy, with individual shops, but just for fiber crafts. They have yarn, roving, accessories, and more. They don’t have patterns yet, but it they’re working on it. It’s a great site. Check them out.


Thank you for sharing.

I have just spent an hour (when I should be spinning), scrolling through this site. Thank you! Always good to have another fiber resource.

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Can we post Item’s we crocheted in our own shops to sell?

I’m not sure. You’d need to reach out to Pam at FiberCrafty for an answer on that.

Thank you!
I’ll look into it that.

I have a shop on Fibercrafty! It’s awesome and Pam is incredible at running it! I can’t wait to see what’s next for us there! :heart:


Looks nice I’ll take a look… Thank you for sharing!!! :blush:

Any idea if they now have the ability to add patterns? I would love to add some of my patterns.

Thank you for sharing!!

You can sort by state? Omg, this is going in my road trip “list of places to visit”. Thank you so much! Go Pam!

Thanks for sharing recently about! I like the simplicity of it compared to Etsy and decided to open a shop. :blush:

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