Favourite Pattern Books

What are your favourite books of knitting or crochet patterns? Ones you own or otherwise.

My favourites are The Best of Jane Austen Knits and Tina Barrett’s Knitted Dinosaurs. I’ve made at least one pattern from each (Sensible Shawl, Stegosaurus), with plans for more (A Vest for Charles, Diplodocus, and I doubt I’ll be able to resist the Plesiosaur for much longer either).

All the Rebecca Danger monster books - I currently have 3 of her books, a bunch of free individual patterns & a couple of individual patterns that I have bought. I love to mix and match body parts, add little extras like hair or scarves. I recently got “50yards of fun” and found the the first pattern in the book - the basic peanut body is perfect for small snowman tree ornaments. I have been working on them for friends, family & the girls in my knitting group, using bits & pieces of left overs for scarves & then will use fabric puff paints for orange nose & black for coal eyes, mouth & buttons. I am thinking about trying to push through a pipe cleaner to make arms but haven’t tested this yet to see if it will work.

Yes, I agree! Rebecca Danger’s patterns are wonderful, and her “50 Yards of Fun” is my favorite. So versatile, and the smaller critters are a good way to use up scraps! :+1: I’ll bet the pipe cleaner arms will work. Might be easier to push it through before the body is stuffed. Your snowmen sound like they’ll be adorable!

I also have the Knitted Dinosaurs book. Really cute. My grandson requested the triceratops earlier this year.


Watch out for the pipe cleaners. My daughter-in-law said the kids managed to take them out. If the kids are not a problem, they worked great.

Two votes for Rebecca Danger’s monsters! I shall have to check them out.

I agree. Since these particular little snowmen are being given to friends & family specifically for Christmas tree ornaments I didn’t think they would be a problem but I think they may stretch the stitches too much & not get through the poly filling easily so I may just skip it this time. It was more of an afterthought anyway. I will try to get some time to take & post pics but we will probably be busy stacking firewood on the porch most of the weekend — 33 degrees this morning!

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I have a number of patterns in magazines and some books, but because I tend to/have to alter the patterns to fit my height/stitch gauge/correct errors in the pattern (why is pattern editing so haphazard?), my favorite pattern books are of stitch patterns I have Barbara Walker’s first two stitch pattern books, Melissa Leapman’s book of cables, another book of hers entitled “The Knit Stitch” (but it contains patterns for lace, cables, and slip stitches) and two Japanese stitch pattern books (these, I think, are my current faves).

Oh - 33 degrees? Wow. Here, we have rain. Rain. RAIN. Tropical Storm Nestor is dumping more rain on us than I think we’ve had all summer.


Rained all day yesterday so no wood stacking. Took a break on the ornaments & worked on a shawl while watching football & then an Indiana Jones movie!:yarn::wink::heart_eyes:

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I finally got some pics done:

I ended up making 20. Finished the paint part yesterday. Scarves are finished & labels tacked on. I expect to finish them up today, tying the scarves on and running the gold thread through the top of the heads for hangers.


These snowmen are really cute!

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I did a review of my favorite crochet book called Dumpling Cats by Sarah Sloyer on my blog Cantankerous Housewife. I’m planning on ordering the one for dogs soon. I really love those kitties. They are fun to crochet.

I also collect old patterns for bed dolls. I used to make them but they don’t seem to be popular to sell, but thinking of doing them again, just because I love them so much.

I have some old doily patterns and some Voctorian Christmas Tree ornaments pattern I bought maybe 20 years ago.


I made a bunch of similar ones a few years back! I found mini-brooms in the miniature section of the craft store. I could never get the arms figured out, so I just got-glued the vrooms right into the snowman body. I did I-cord scarves and even made tiny carrot noses out of orange felt.


They are adorable! Beautiful job. I wish I would have thought about those details :cry:

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Adorable!!! :heart_eyes: Those snowmen turned out great!

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