Favorite interchangeables for magic loop use

I use magic loop exclusively for small diameter knitting . I’m looking to purchase a new set of interchangeable circulars but want to make sure the cables are thin and very flexible .
Nothing worse than fighting a stiff cable with magic loop.

Suggestions? Thanks


I still love my knitpicks nickle plated. I have been using them for the better part of 10 years and have very little complaints.


I do a lot of magic loop knitting with my HiyaHiyas. Very thin and flexible cables. I also have a set of knit pick small tips, which work great in the round for sleeves or hats.

I really like using my short glove dpns for small work.

I use HiyaHiya interchangeables for magic loop all the time. The cables are thin and flexible but they get stuck in loopy positions - does that make sense? When they are all looped up, I find that a slow pass over the blower end of my blow dryer does the trick. I hold the dryer between my knees so I can hold both ends of the cable. I hold it taut and up against the dryer edges and slowly pull it across. This works great for loops but if you bend your cable too much for an extended period of time, you can make a kink in it that I haven’t been able to completely remove. I also experimented with soaking it in very hot water and that was a big mistake. It straightened it out but it also shrank the cable and made the cable thicker.

How short and are they wood or metal?

Actually they are a plastic material, perfect for gripping. 4" long.

Denise brand short double points? If so, I have them. They are nice.

For magic loop I usually use my Dyakcraft needles with the newer wire coated cables. They are super flexible. The original cables are OK too, but not nearly as good as the wire coated option which is thin and flexible. I also have a couple of full sets of Signature needles - the fixed circulars before they changed to the “convertibles” and the stiffer cords. Those older ones have a really soft cable that is great for magic loop. (I don’t like the cables on their current convertible needles, but I have put new cords on the few of those that I have.)

Here’s a good resource comparing a bunch of different ones: https://knittingneedleguide.com/best-interchangeable-knitting-needles/

Really like my hiya hiya set. They are affordable and enjoyable for me. I don’t think the cables are too stiff but that’s my experience. I don’t have the sharps because I would stab myself too much!