Favorite Designers found on Love Crafts

So I have discovered www.lovecrafts.com (formerly loveknitting.com). I have also found some of my favorite designers there. Share your favorite designers below, so we can follow and support them!!

Asita Krebs
Alicia Plummer
The Velvet Acorn
Mary Anne Mace (The Lace Eater)
Donna G (Holly and Ella Knits)
Emily W (Tin Can Knits)
Melissa Schaschwary
Emily J Designs
O Baby n More



Amanda Berry and Isabell Kraemer are there.


Ooooh, just checked them out, too!! Love Amanda Berry’s critters!! I haven’t gotten into knitting toys and things, but after seeing her designs, I might have to try one.:slight_smile:


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Larissa Brown is on as well. A fantastic designer.

Awww! Thanks! :heart::heart::heart:


YES! After dumping Ravelry I stumbled on this site and was really impressed, I was relieved there are other sites to shop at.


Love Izabelle Kraimer!

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I love Ann Kingstone - beautiful lace and colour work and really clear instructions in her books:

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Laura Aylors is there too. She has lots of great patterns.

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I am on LoveCrafts under Distracted Knits. :blush:


I have looked over the site but I don’t see where we can keep up with projects or how to talk with others. Is that available only after you join?

Never mind I found it.

Just followed! I joined a few weeks ago. :grinning:

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Hi. I found Maria Olsen on LoveCrafts but I seem to be unable to search for any of the other designers. I did find the designer in the post below (Ann Kingstone) using that link. How did you search? All of the categories have a separate search box but designer has none,
edit note: Figured it out! Thank you.

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