Fave hats to knit

My favourite knitted hats of 2019, they can be done in one day, (couple hours​:wink::grin:) please share your fave knitted hats…
Raspberry Beret pattern from Yarnspirations
Sunny Autumn Hat pattern from Vitalina Craft
Brisa de Otoño pattern from Pim Pam Teje
Leaf Summer Behind pattern from YouTube


I love a simple knitted ear flap hat right now. Looks good in any color, super quick and customizable.


Awesome! Great idea, Thank you! :slight_smile::+1:

Those are beautiful! I’m knitting the Home Alone hat by Renelle Legos and it is super cute!! But my fav is the Purl Soho earflap hat pattern (free) for kids of all ages!

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The Home Alone one hat Kevin McCallister uses is on my to do list, would love to see yours, what yarn are you working with? If you don’t mind me asking :wink::grin: