Electric wheels?

Does anyone have an electric wheel? If yes, what can you tell me about it?

I’m considering buying one to use until I can save enough to buy the double-treadle wheel that I really want (it’s going to be a long way in the future as I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer which is going to cut down on my chances for working much in the coming months).

currently I have 4. I have the Hanson, Roberta Butterfly (no longer in production) and the woolee ann. I use the woolee an most often. The hanson is a nice little portable wheel, but it’s too slow for me (high production)And I managed to burn up the motor in it in less than a year.The hanson company is great with customer service and did replace the motor for free, but I wound up paying 200.00 for an upgrade, plus shipping.The roberta is fast, too and stands up with use, and is great for plying. The reason I like the woolee ann best is the quick change bobbins, easy adjustments,the way it is built (like a tank) and it’s speed. The woolee winder is built into the wheel, too.They also have awesome customer service, too, and are really fast to respond on their facebook page.I haven’t matched it’s top speed yet, either.But * it is the only one that’s fast enough for me.I spin daily.and That’s the wheel I use most often.

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I don’t spin, but wanted to respond that I’m sorry to hear that you were diagnosed with breast cancer. I will pray for you during these months ahead. Hearing the C word can be very shocking and unexpected. I’m grateful for you being able to have the fiber crafts as an outlet for days when you feel a bit better.


I’m sorry to hear about your diagnosis, hope you have somewhere to rest in between. (My mum is well now but has had two rounds of breast cancer, and I learnt from her that rest is very important.)

I spin almost exclusively on my Hansen MiniSpinner now, after a knee injury. I first got a Firefly (Spinolution) but it didn’t work so well for me, as I didn’t realise before I got it how truly huge the bobbins are, and how heavy they get! I got it from a rather uninterested seller too, so I sold it to a local spinner and got my MiniSpinner instead, and I’m so glad I did! I spin mostly fingering weight 2ply yarns (because I have no lazy kate at the moment) so the regular flyer and bobbins work really well for me. And it’s quiet too, which is a bonus!
If only we could fold the globe temporarily so I could loan you my poor unused double treadle wheel that only sits here collecting dust! She’s a Kromski Symphony, and the sweetest of wheels to spin on, if you don’t have a knee injury.

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I recently got the EEW Nano, he had a kickstarter, and I think they are available to buy starting in September. It is small and easy to use. And cheap, around $100 I believe.
And here is a picture, you can see it is pretty small and portable.


Oh thank you for all of the wonderful information!! Can you tell me a ball-park price for your favorites please?

Thank you so much!! Yes that “C” word was rather shocking & scary at first, but now it’s settled in, and it’s part of my ‘normal’ world.

I’m grateful to have knitting to fall back on for the days when spinning seems too daunting. I’m tall (6’1”), and I prefer standing while spinning with my drop spindle—I’ll either have to get used to sitting down, or give it up for awhile.

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I’d love to try your wheel… alas.

I have discovered that resting is vital, especially since I was forced to do nothing for about 48 hours after my initial biopsy—so I was finally listening to my body, and realizing just exactly how exhausted I had been, and for several months. NOW, I rest quite often, even taking naps as needed, usually just sitting or laying down awhile. (Right this minute, I’m laying on my bed feeling completely tired as I had attended 4 hours of my spinning/fiber group’s summer retreat—driving there and home again exhausted me like nothing else, except my biopsy, has done in weeks—but I’m so delighted to have gone & seen my friends, especially the out-of-town ones.)

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I’m so glad to hear that you are getting adjusted to the new “normal”.

What’s wonderful about knitting and other activities is that you can always come back to it, when you feel better! I have more ufos and wips than I’d care to mention, but it’s great to know that they are there when I have the energy to work on them.

Take good care! <3

ball park price…that’s the hard part…The hansen is approx 1200.00 new.The roberta is around 1,000.00 new and the woolee ann is around 1600.00 new. * however, I’ve seen the roberta at several places used for 450.00-800.00. Ashford does amke a nice little wheel I’d be temped to get for around 800.00, if I needed one.It includes extra bobbins and a lazy kate, too which are *extra bobbins, lazy kate with some wheels.The nano’s price is excellent if you have never used a spinning wheel before.But I can’t say how they spin since I haven’t tried one.

I’m sorry to hear about your diagnosis too. I have a Friend who is currently undergoing chemotherapy, and it does zap her strength, but her pet scan are showing that it is working well.Rest as much as you can.Sending prayers the out come is good.

Do you know how much hers is?

I have a Hansen, and I love it. It was first generation (it is #18), and they have upgraded continuously. Mine is not a suitable production wheel, and even though I love it, I would prefer it be faster. They do make a production level e-spinner. If I upgrade I will go with the Woolee Ann, made by the developers of the Woolee Winder. Both Hansen and Woolee Ann developers collaborate with each other and have both consulted with Judith MacKenzie during development. If you aren’t familiar with her, she is the BEST spinning resource ever, as well as a wonderful person with more knowledge of all things spinning than any ten people out there. Both Hansen and WooleeAnn are high end and IMHO, quite expensive. They are worth the money, but you could but two Kromski wheels for the price of either one, and you could definitely buy a used Schacht for less. There are some sweet little e-spinners out there that are very reasonably priced, keyword little, they don’t hold much on their little bobbins, but they are affordable even on tight budgets. I honestly recommend you consider getting a used really good wheel. You will pay a hefty price for a good e-spinner. By the way, what wheel are you saving for? Have you considered a drop spindle? They can be addictive and are also in the affordable range.

Also, I want to send my prayers as you begin treatment for Breast cancer. Please know the treatments have made huge progress both in terms of success and dosing tolerance. You can expect a good outcome, and I hope that gives you encouragement as you take this journey. You will have to be a warrior, but the battle is wirth it. God bless you, your family, and your doctors. Peace be with you.

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Thank you. Yes breast cancer Treatment research has made great strides, and some Dr’s call it a curable cancer, though my Dr says she will always say there is a 0.5-3% chance it can always return even with double mastectomy because cancer is tricky and there’s no 100% guarantee that it is gone. I underwent surgery last Monday Sept 23, 3019, a bilateral mastectomy with immediate DIEP Flap reconstruction-I’m basically on bed-rest on orders of the plastic surgeon who did my reconstruction; I’m reading & sleeping a lot, but cannot do any knitting, spinning, crocheting or other fun crafts… cannot even sit upright, and always must have my feet up. :wink: I got my post-surgery pathology report yesterday, no cancer was in my lymph nodes, and my tumor turned out to be much smaller than originally thought, so no radiation needed, and I’ll have a less-aggressive chemo too. :yellow_heart::yellow_heart:

Regarding spinning, someday I would love to buy an Ashford traveler. As for the drop spindles, I have 2, and I LOVE THEM!!:yellow_heart::heartpulse: I bought one & Dh made me the other. I even told him that I would like 3-4 more for Christmas, that way I could teach my girls, and not have to stop with whichever roving I’m spinning. They have been asking me to teach them, and I would love to do so as soon as I feel better. Then I can teach them to knit or crochet, and they can use their spun fiber to work with.

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