Do Your Socks Fall Down?

I have two pairs of hand-knitted socks, both coming to just under the knee. They fit well when I put them on, but as the day goes on they start to slip and sag. I used Stephanie Mason’s Chipps pattern for both pairs, including the calf increases as I have a fair bulge of leg muscle (cough, mostly muscle…) and I didn’t want leg-corsets.

I know the pattern calls for threading in fine elastic, but having elastic next to my skin is unpleasant, so I didn’t. Should I have made an elasticised cuff? Or garters? Or used a different pattern?

Do your socks fall down? If not - why not? Suggestions?

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Mine don’t really, but it might be because I make them a good bit shorter.

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I prefer one x one ribbing. It hugs better than 2x2 ribbing.what trype of ribbing did you use?

All knee socks fall down on me, but a stiffer fabric stays up much better.

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Tempting - less yarn used = more pairs of socks, but I like them to come up higher than my boots, which means mid-leg at least, and then I can’t see how they’d stay up at all.

I used 1x1 ribbing too. Maybe I need to try a sock that goes from ‘a bit tight’ to ‘a bit loose’ instead of ‘fits’ to ‘falls’.

I assume you’re using a wool and nylon mix, yes? wool has stretchy properties. I like 25% nylon content for durability.

I actually find wool socks I knit stay up better than purchased socks.

Yes, slightly tighter should help.

Also, walk half an hour daily! Seriously, it develops your calf muscle and the socks stay up better. Plus there are other benefits.

I seem to have a moderate quantity of calf muscle already (leg 19cm just above ankle, 36cm at swell of leg) but no doubt the exercise would be good for me anyway.

Yes, I generally use a 20-25% nylon sock mixture, but sometimes only for the feet - for my latest socks, I used regular wool leftovers for the legs.

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Darling socks! From looking at them, I would say you need a tighter rib. Perhaps go down a needle size on the rib?

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Oo, that’s a good idea! I’ll make a note of that. Thank you!

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Sooner or later something useful comes out of my mouth, lol.

Can you undo.the rib on one and reknit? Was it toe up? You can undo.and knit back up on a cuff down, too.

I generally knit them toe-up, but I’m not sure I can bring myself to operate. Maybe I’ll do a foldover cuff housing elastic for these ones and use the smaller-rib thing on the next pair. Because there’s always a next pair… :socks:

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If you don’t want to operate and re-knit the ribbing on this pair and still want them to stay up, you can always crochet a length of chains and thread that in and out of the top (not the very last row but one or two below that) and tie a little bow. I used to have to do that with the socks that go with my national costume.

Thanks! I’ll give that a try :slight_smile: