Crytpid Fur

Sitting here, enjoying my basic “B” pumpkin spice latte and wondering… what would Yeti fur be like to knit with? :joy:

Im on a kick! Wooly mammoth, loch ness monster’s blood dye, sasquatch fleece, uncorn hair, dragon scale dye, cthulhu ink dyes…

I imagine Yeti being a bit like yak, what do you think? :laughing:

Im also open to more ideas for cryptid fleeces - if youre into that sort of thing! - for a sample shelf of fur and dye samples from my “cryptozoology expeditions”.

A little fun! :unicorn::dragon::squid:


Downy fluff of baby griffin? Wouldn’t fancy being the one to harvest it, mind you!
And you might get a nice green with ichor…


Excellent suggestions! I had to look up ichor, that will have to be bottled in “gold” of some sort. I’ll have to do my research! :face_with_monocle: