Crochet Testers Needed

I’m looking for experienced crocheters to test my crochet designs. My FaceBook group is a testing site for A Yarn of Serendipity designs. Being a member of this group does not require a member to test all patterns. At this time, my only patterns are 11" - 12" afghan squares, but in in the future, I plan to design a border to place around the squares.

I use a four-phase testing system. A call for testing begins with Phase I. When the call for testing goes out, I usually allow 2 weeks to complete the test. Initial testing should catch most obvious errors, and each following testing phase will detect subtle errors and inconsistencies. With the completion of each phase, a call for testing of the next phase will be announced. You can only test once per pattern.

Phase 1: Initial testing (minimum - 3 testers)
Phase 2: Intermediate testing (minimum - 2 testers)
Phase 3: Ending testing (minimum - 1 tester)
Phase 4: Pre-release testing (minimum - 1 tester)

If you have an eye for detail, feel comfortable reading patterns and are interested in joining my Facebook group, please email me at [email protected]. Thanks!

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What type of patterns?

They are 11’ - 12" afghan squares.

Hi, I just sent you an email. Looking forward to seeing your designs.

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