Crochet injury

Well, I didnt know this but apparently one can develop “frozen shoulder” crocheting. I was working on a new project and tripling up the worsted weight yarn. I was also binge watching the old 21 Jump Street. I didn’t take enough breaks to exercise my shoulder and after 16 hours (two 8 hour sessions) I ended up not being able to lift my arm to even grasp the steering wheel. I went to my doc and went through some physical therapy. My arm works now. Please remember to exercise and take breaks.

Doc said in the first he’s heard of getting it from crocheting.


Wow I had not heard of that.
I’m glad to hear that you are much better.

Thanks for sharing.

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I’m learning to crochet and wondered why my arm was so sore after the sessions. Thanks! I’ll take more breaks.

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Eek! Glad your arm recovered! Imagine not being able to crochet/knit, let alone everything else (shudders).

I’ve got a weird pain sometimes in my wrist, but I don’t know what from. Knitting, typing, gardening? Probably not crochet (wrong hand) but whatever the cause, it’s going to be annoying if it doesn’t buzz off…

Make sure you alternate activities, and do hand and wrist exercises; you don’t want carpal tunnel due to knitting a lot.

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There are some perfect arm and wrist movements from belly dancing that help me when I remember to do them.

  1. Standing or sitting raise your arms out in front of you and turn your wrists like if you were scooping icing off the inside of a bowl. Then slowly while moving the hands raise your arms up over your head still scraping the bowl. Then slowly bring your arms down.

  2. Undulate your arms starting with your arms by your side. Lift your arm starting with your shoulder, then elbow, then wrist.

Those help me. Or just get up and dance :slight_smile: every hour :slight_smile: wild and crazy but it helps.

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