Contrast for "Light" theme

The contrast of the site makes it (for me) incredibly difficult to read.
A thicker font, slightly larger and a full on black would be so much easier on the eyes.
I am already running the site at 125% to make it easier to read.
Just my $0.02 worth. :slight_smile:


Go to your preferences and select Interface. There are a lot of choices to make the experience better.

ETA: I’m on an iPad.


So many are using their ipad. Wish I could. It refuses to load this sight.

The web address on my iPad is showing:

I have no idea if that matters, but give it a try. Good luck.

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Strictly PC (Laptop) here.
:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:No apple products in this house.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Love you gals and guys!


Only options are light and dark. Neither are easy on the old bifocals. The font at its largest size is better although I would still change the color of the font from #222 to black.

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Well, that’s a bummer. Was hoping it would be the ticket to blissful reading. I was surprised there were those choices. Maybe, Mr. Admin will have a solution as the site develops.

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I have tried it every imaginable way using three different search engines. It will load the site but not open it. Thanks.

Im not really worried about it at this time. Just registering my ideas. I am sure the owners have bigger fish to fry and this will be way down the list. So far Im loving this site. It’s different and takes getting used to but I think that is a good thing. Im reading more than I did on the “other” site.

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I am having the same problem. I will open on my iPad pro but not my mini.


Mine is an iPad2 I think, not a mini. I don’t see why the older device should matter when it has opened any other sites I searched for. I’ll just have to deal with it.

Hi @misterunix, I’d love to help improve readability. I’d imagine there are others who may benefit from it as well.

Do you have any examples of websites that you find to be particularly easy on your eyes? We don’t want to copy anybody, but it would help me get a better understanding of what you’re looking for.


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You know that old saying “I can’t tell you what I like but I sure can tell you what I don’t like”? The trend has been moving from pure white and pure black to various shades of grey. One site I visit is using 44,44,44.
This one isnt too bad. Pure black on bluish grey. Our overlords google (youtube) uses 13,13,13.
All this is purely academic. Use what you want. Just remember, not everyone has eyes like a young man or woman and a good contrasty template would make it a mute point.

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My 2 cents, though I don’t have significant problems with most websites yet: I’m finding the dark theme with the largest font size comfortable. I wear blue-blocking glasses when looking at screens, so some of the contrast is lost in this site’s dark theme, with blue links and buttons on a black background, or with black text, but not enough is lost to make it unreadable (I assume because the blue component isn’t the only difference between the blue and the dark background).

I have trouble reading any color other than black. Even then if it is in a thin typeface it can be problematic. Gray print like you have below where it says Tracking, the wording beside it is very hard for me to focus on. A lot of sites have gone to lower contrast colors and after trying to read anything after a few minutes I have to walk away. It causes to much strain on the eyes. I did see that we have a choice in type size and that’s good. If it were possible to have a sliding scale where we could select color and the depth would be great.


Actually, I have noticed something I struggle to see in the dark theme: which of my notifications are highlighted as new when I tap on my avatar in the top right.

@misterunix, and others who are interested, I’ve added a new color scheme called “Strong Contrast”. It changes 2 things from the default:

  1. The “primary” color, like the one you’re reading here, went from #222222 to #000000 (pure black). This effects most text, icons, and borders.

  2. The “header primary” color, as used in the title Contrast for “Light” theme at the top of this page, also went from #333333 to #000000. This effects text and icons in the site’s header.

The other colors are otherwise the same.

You can try this change by going here and selecting “Strong Contrast” under the “Theme” setting.

I hope this helps improve readability. Please let me know if we can make any further adjustments.


Thank you. It has made a difference for me.
Sorry for being gone so long. I needed to take a break from social sites.