Community Guidelines won’t open

I’m not sure if this is the place to post this or not… I am a brand new member and I have clicked the link in the welcome mesage to read the community guidelines and it won’t open. It just acts like it’s loading forever, and never actually shows up. I haven’t had that problem with other parts of the site so far. What should I do?

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Hi @Crystal, thank you for letting us know.

It’s strange, I see this problem too but only on certain pages. I will see what I can find.

Thank you!


Thank you, I appreciate it.

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In case it helps diagnose the issue, this is how it seems to behave for me: if I’m logged in, and I click on the link to the FAQ (from the menu near the top-right, for example), I’ll get an endless spinner, but if I open the link in a new tab (or the same tab when I’m logged out, I think), it’ll load the community guidelines without a problem.

(Incidentally, it just occurred to me that the spinner that shows when a page is loading could be changed to be an icon of a person spinning wool!)

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