Christmas Knitting?

Tomorrow I start my Christmas knitting. First up is a “Zuzu’s Petals” in Galileo by KnitPicks, color Valentine. It’s a rich red, and so soft. It’s for my stepmother, and red is her favorite color.

After that I’ll be doing a shawl for my mother in a bamboo/cotton blend (she’s allergic to wool), and dishcloths for some of my friends.

So how about you? Has anyone else got Christmas or Hanukah gifts lined up?


I’ve hardly even got 2019 lined up… #WhatDoYouMeanIt’sJuly??


So then you think I’m kinda jumping the gun?

I guess I probably am,…but not as bad as I used to. Before I got cancer my Hubs and I had all of our Christmas gifts bought by the end of August every year. Neither one f us likes going out shopping, and found the stress of shopping in November and December made us miserable. We were much happier, and able to relax and enjoy the holidays, if we had it done and wrapped by the end of summer.

By starting now, I know I should be able to easily get it done in time. But I know it’s not for everyone to start so early.


Oh, I’m not criticizing! It’s the sort of organization I’ve been aspiring to for years but never even come close to attaining. (On which note, I really must remember to write a will. I’ve been meaning to for nineteen years and still haven’t got around to it!)
I totally agree about shopping close to Christmas. Nightmarishly stressful - I avoid malls at the best of times - and most decidedly not in tune with the true meaning of Christmas. (And now I’m imagining the fourth wise man who left his shopping too late and is desperately trying to buy a present suitable for a baby-god-king, the night of. :smile: )


I thought the wise men took a year or two to show up jn Bethlehem, didn’t they? Maybe that was the problem: long queues at the checkout.


My niece is getting married three days after Christmas so other gift knitting has been pushed aside for now in order to knit them the River of Dreams Cable Bed Runner by Fifty Four Ten Studio (pattern is available from her website)

I’m using Encore Mega because they are military and will be moving around and want to make sure it’s something that can be packed and loved and washed along the way. Plus it will be done quick! :slight_smile:

I used to knit everyone gifts at Christmas but I don’t any longer. I take requests from my daughters and from certain others but I had to ratchet back because over time certain people came to EXPECT things and it was too much pressure! :smile:

Definitely should be! I always wait too long! I have a pair of mittens and a matching scarf that ended up being smaller than intended (yep, I swatched!:joy:), so I do have one gift done!

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Working on Rose City Roller socks for the granddaughters for Christmas. 1 1/2 pair completed 2 1/2 to go. Also a pair of socks for my son - size 13😳.


Wow!! Go you! That is awesome! I generally don’t knit for Christmas but you can sure that if I did it would probably be last minute crazy, lol :wink:
I do need to start thinking about a shawl. Our church does a make it, bake it, sew it, grow it auction every November to help raise funds for the kids to go to camp the next summer and I always try to donate a shawl of some sort. I haven’t even decided what it will be yet this year, never mind starting it :smiley:


YES. I just knit 2 Christmas stockings. They did come out nice, so that’s a start. I will post pictures as soon as they are blocked.


This convo is cracking me up!

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I’m with you! It’s time to get planning and making in high gear! :yarn:

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:grin: So glad we could provide you with some entertainment!


I’m making a sampler Afghan for my mom… not sure if I’ll have it finished in time


That sounds like a really fun and uplifting church activity! We do a bake sale/yard sale every May to raise funds for our parochial school, and it’s lots of fun.


Slow and steady wins the race? I sure hope you can–that is a lovely gift!


I.m new to knitting and almost all the squares i like have either lace or cables :joy: :joy:


I’ve gotten the first row done (except attaching that last square) it just keeps getting pushed aside for other projects


This is beautiful!


It really is :slight_smile: And it is fun to see what people bring. Sometimes we are so unaware of each other’s talents until we see someone bring in something. I really enjoy it :slight_smile: And I love that it helps the kids get to church camp - where so many of our youth have given their lives to the Lord.

That sounds like a great way to help fund the school!!! And yummy too :wink: