Calling all Fair Isle Knitters

Calling all Fair Isle Knitter!

I am working on a new method of charting that bypasses the need for an excel spreadsheet, and will let knitters edit and see their charts as ACTUAL knit stitches (horseshoe shaped). Would you be interested in testing this new format as I work out the kinks?

The beauty of this technique is that you can rotate the page view so that you can see how the diagonals your stitches will look like in the actual knitting. So it will help with planning charts for top-down as well as bottom-up knitting.

I’d like to know:

  • What sizes (in stitch counts) would be helpful
  • Your thoughts on ease of use
  • How valuable you think this would be (in terms of how much people might be willing to pay for this type of chart.

You will need Adobe Reader on a desktop computer to work with this file.


I’m interested!

Much Fair Isle is knit using fingering weight, so 28 to 32 sts to 4”/ 10cm is helpful to see how a pattern would actually look. Many knitters wear reading glasses for close work. A larger gauge, such as 16 to 20 sts to 4”/10cm will make an easier to read chart to use when working the pattern.

What I’d pay depends on how easy it is to program in a pattern, how many colors and shades of colors I could use, and whether the program would allow use of purl as well as knit stitches, among other matters. Because I use the iOS and iPhone, Android/Windows OS aren’t of interest to me.

This file won’t work on an iPhone. It may work on iPad os, but I’m not sure. I know that At the mobile versions of Acrobat each have different functionality.

The iOs version does not have a way to change the colors of the comments. (Each of the stitches is made using a drawing comment).

Provided that the software you’re using has the full range of commenting capabilities, you can use as many colors and shades as you desire. There is currently no way to do purl stitches. It’s only in StSt right now, until I can come up with a way to do purl stitches.

It’s worth mentioning that there is no programming involved. You just click on the stitch and change the color using the toolbar at the top.

I am very interested in trying this out. What a great design tool.

Louise Rownd

Ive just started practicing colorwork and this is what i have been needing. Let me know if/how i can help! :blush:

That sounds pretty awesome! My suggestion would be a way to mark the pattern every 5 or 10 rows: I do a lot of intarsia and some of the patterns are on the large side, and it’s easy to get lost.

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What an awesome idea!

Are you interested in testing it out?

I really cannot do any new challenges with knitting right now, we have remodeling going on with out home and it’s a mess! Not to mention my nerves

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I’m having trouble getting it to work. I’m going to try it on my other computer.

Very excited to try it out.

Louise Rownd

I’ve decided to create printable versions of these charts. I incorporated the feedback received here, as far as incorporating a grid, and increasing the number of stitches in the chart. Thank ladies for your feedback!

Landscape Fair Isle Chart

Portrait Fair Isle Chart

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