Bye Ravelry, Hello Open Ravel!

Hello All,
Happy to be here and helping to grow this tolerant-inclusive forum for knitters and crocheters! I do both knit and crochet and get together with my sisters once in a while to work on projects. What better way to de-stress than pick up a hook or needles!
Wine. Wine helps too :wink:


Wine does help with a lot of things, except maybe counting stitches!


Wine’s good. And cheese. Wine with cheese.:grin:
Welcome to the new place! It’s been quite pleasant here. Changes have been happening daily as this new platform is developing. Very exciting to see this happy friendly community grow!


toni you crack me up :laughing:


I’m new,just joined today and I’m having a hard time trying to navigate around this site. It’s going to take me awhile to get the hang of it and to understand it.

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If you click on the ball of yarn logo in the top left, that’ll take you to the main page with all the discussion threads listed. If you want to look at patterns, or groups, there are links in the top right.
If you want to see threads in a particular topic area - introductions, or craft, or whatever, you can search using the dropdown at the top of the thread list on the main page.
Hope that’s some help!


Thank you!
I’ll have to check it out after I get home from work.:grin:

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Free at last! It’s taken me a while, but I finally got everything copied and deleted. I’m still REALLY disappointed and sad!


Me too!
There are also Desingers who are leaving as well, I just watched on YouTube Desinger Bonnie Barker of Bonnie Bay crochet’s video on her thoughts& Reason why she left.


I’m glad to hear that some designers are leaving. I was saddened when some designers that I buy from and even tested for came out on Instagram in solidarity with the R position. I have seen one that I don’t know their position start to list all the places you can buy their patterns when posting on FB.


Thank you for this! I wish there was a Main Page with perhaps a welcome message and some simple instructions on how to navigate this new site.
Perhaps it’s because I am dyslexic but I find the format here a bit daunting. I have been clicking on links to things but it doesn’t make sense to me yet.
I will get there. :slight_smile: Not giving up!


Wine? Why, thank you! :kissing_heart: I like it when I spin too.

Agree with you!
But I think that it’s because we were so use to the other site,that we got comfortable with it. I will be honest in the fact that I miss the library for our patterns,being able to have a friend list, the group’s etc,etc. But it isn’t worth it to me to be on that site with all the negativity & hate that they are spewing. I actually wonder how many designers left & who they are. I know Bonnie Barker ( Bonnie Bay Crochet) left.


I am a designer and I left. There is so much hatred in the world, not just ‘ignoring’ but absolute unfounded hatred, and I just don’t roll with that.

My patterns are here:


Wow, you have a lot patterns, what a treasure trove! Looking forward to trying them out, thanks so much for posting a link here! Hope you’ll have a good week!

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Thanks for your link! I need to knit some watch caps for Seaman’s Church Institute. It’s a charity organization that asks for warm, wool, super wash watch caps for merchant mariners.

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Completely understand!

Please do check it out. :slight_smile: Many are my own personal, simple patterns, but there are thousands of links! It’s a big site at this point as it’s been around since 1997 in various forms. I used to work for Alan Osmond so it was the Osmond network way back when, but I got my own domain after a couple of years… I’ve lost track. :heart:

PS-- just did a search and the domain was originally registered in March of 2002. (Now I know. ;))


I have looked around a bit, and tried this little floral coaster! Thank you!