Brioche knitting in the round

Hi. Does anyone have any good links to videos on how to do a 2 color brioche in the round?
There was one on you tube but it didn’t clearly describe how to go from first round to second. My colors for the first couple of stitches began to look wonky and amateurish…



I have never tried brioche in the round. I am curious for suggestions as well. Maybe slip the first stitch if possible? It’s never fun making mistakes in brioche , so you don’t want to do a lot of experimenting.

I made this brioche cowl in the round using the Purl Soho pattern “Gina’s Brioche Hat and Cowl.” It was very easy to follow with clear instructions and step by step photos of the brioche stitch. It was my first and only brioche project so far, and it was so fun and fast. I will attach a link below.


Hello! I made these cowls in 2015, in Brioche pattern is at Yarnspirations website called Shadow Cowl, there is a Tutorial on YouTube by Vickie Howell, just Google Shadow Cowl Vickie Howell. :blush:


I think it’s so much easier than brioche flat. I found a pattern, and that’s how I learned it. There’s a lot of good videos on YouTube -

Watch a few and it will make sense.

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Happy Knitter on YouTube
She is great but it takes time to learn.


Vicki Howell has been around for AGES! Love her!

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I agree, the YouTube video by The Happy Knitter is a great Brioche in the round teaching video. In fact, it is my favorite.

Link to: The Happy Knitter - Brioche in the round.

Purl Together is one of my favorites and she’s doing Brioche a lot lately.