Binge-worthy Shows

I’m sure that binge watching and knitting go hand in hand. I find it easier than watching regular TV when knitting; no fast forwarding through commercials, not having to change channels or select from the DVR, just picking something on Netflix or Amazon and letting it play. Keeps my hands on the knitting! My latest binge-worthy show was “Carnival Row” from Amazon. And bonus - a new audio book prequel of the show from Audible. Any other binge watching knitters out there? What’s your latest binge-worthy show?


Oh dear. True confessions time.

We (DH and I) binge watched each season of The Ranch in about two nights.

Now we’re bingeing on Frasier.

On YouTube, I watch The History Guy (very informative!) When I really need to concentrate on my knitting, spinning or combing (don’t concentrate on the latter and I hope your tetanus shots are up to date), there’s Norwegian Slow TV on YouTube - I’m “traveling north into the Norwegian Arctic Circle” (you have to understand - the temperature where I live just dropped into the 80s, and will return to 93f next Thursday :scream:) Similar to the latter, but speedier are (also on YouTube) DocAustin’s series of train travels across Siberia. Yeah, I watch some weird stuff. This is just part of it,

I also highly recommend, for history buffs, also on YouTube, “Victorian Farm,” “Edwardian Farm”, “Wartime Farm”, “Tudor Farm”, “Tales from the green valley”, and “How to build a castle”. Just look for anything with Ruth Goodman and Alex Langland in it.

More history stuff - the 21 season series of “Time Team” - archaeology, British humor, and cool accents!

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I’m liking the Carnival Row, but only can watch on my ipad so makes knitting hard. But happy to hear its on audible. That’s what I binge on, listening to audible books.

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Love and my favorite is Downton Abbey, but also binge watch Victoria, Call the Midwife, The Spanish Princess love British period drama… :grin:


Just finished season 3 of Goliath! Though most of my background knitting shows are Unsolved Mysteries, Star Trek, or some some random Horror movie. I’ll have to check out Carnival Row!

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If you are feeling the cold and need something tropical (and yet with British humour) to cheer you up, I can recommend Death in Paradise. :palm_tree: :sunrise: :drop_of_blood:


We were thinking about checking out The Ranch. Looks like I’ll have to add it to the list. Some great suggestions! Thx

Oooh, all good. Haven’t seen the Downton Abbey movie yet. Trying to get my husband to watch the series first - it’s been a struggle.

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I really enjoyed Goliath, but I have to admit S2 was not my favorite. Hope it comes back.

Another good one. I put that on a lot. There are a few that I can watch over and over, and Death in Paradise is one of them.

I just saw this post and am so glad I did. I love your recommendations! Forgot how much early Frasiers made me laugh. Love history and can’t wait to watch the Ruth Goodman ones especialy. Thanks for posting these!

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I also love Death in Paradise. We’ve watched it three times now. Does anyone know if there are new seasons, or is it done?

Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, Fr. Brown mysteries, Doctor Who (any season), Downton Abbey (series), Fear the Walking Dead, Firefly, Sherlock to name just a few…

Peaky Blinders for sure!


I liked the original detective, fish out of water storyline. Just could not get into the replacement.

Well, I binge watch Jane the Virgin on Netflix or Longmire. At night it’s Criminal Minds. On Hulu it’s Designing Women, 21 Jump Street with the young Johnny Depp.

Or I’ll watch MayMay Made It on YouTube. She does card making.

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I’m a bit behind the times, but I’m binge watching Outlander. Am only halfway through Season 3 (which is all they currently have on Netflix in Australia). Hope season 4 arrives before I’m finished!

A Dr Who marathon has been on BBC since Christmas Eve through New Years. Have recorded the all the shows. So have been watching those while I knit. And the new series started yesterday. Hope everyone has a great 2020.

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