Baby Sweater Sizing

I’m designing a knitting pattern for a baby sweater. I want it to be for a range of sizes (3m - 24m probably). Obviously I don’t currently have a child in each size to measure or try things on. My youngest is 2.5yo. I’ve been working from this chart:

But then I suddenly wondered… are these measurements supposed to be for the average child, or for the finished garment (with ease included)? I was assuming they were for the kid, because how much ease you want varies depending on the pattern, but now that I’ve finished the first sweater based on that assumption it looks rather big for a 3mo size so I’m second guessing. I also ran into trouble because that chart doesn’t include any measurements for the neck opening, so I found myself guessing and eyeballing it (erf).

Anyone have a better resource I can use?

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I think that resource is pretty good. If you look at the sizing for a number of baby sweater patterns, you’ll find some variation. My attitude is always to err on the side of larger - because babies grow, and they grow so fast! I also recommend to folks who knit baby sweaters that they make the arms and sweater length a little longer than they think the baby will need. The little sweater arms can be folded back at the cuff (and in two days, it will be the right length). A longer sweater can help to cover the baby bottom/diaper.

As for neck openings, as one writer (I forget who) noted - babies have big heads for their size. So it’s good to make larger openings. These can be adjusted with buttons at the side, or snaps - but tell everyone who uses a pattern with buttons or snaps to sew those items on tightly (underline that!) so the baby can’t gum/chew them off and swallow them.

Finally, I’ve used the Flax Light pattern from Tin Can Knits for a baby. The recipient mum was very happy with it (and yes, I lengthened the sleeves and hem, because he was a big boy!)

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I understand what you’re saying, but when you say “it’s good to make larger openings” I still need to know larger than what? I need a concrete frame of reference, and the site I linked doesn’t give one.

Here’s the sweater I finished today. This was supposed to be a 0-3m size, but I tried the arm of it on my 10month old niece (who wears 12m size clothes) and it fit pretty well. A newborn would be drowning in it. :-/

Did you check your gauge?

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Yes, of course. I started with a gauge swatch before I wrote the pattern. My gauge is 5sts and 7rows per square inch. My gauge on the sweater is the same. The finished sweater matches the measurements I planned for within 1/2" in every dimension. The issue is not my gauge, my knitting, or my math, it’s a question of what measurements I should be designing for in each size. At this point, I think I’m convinced that the chart I linked above is intended for garment measurements (with ease included) not child measurements. I’m just frustrated that it doesn’t explicitly say which it is on the site.