Autumn🍁🍂Season Decor

So in love with this crochet design by Yarn and Chai, my first Pumpkin this year

Who else loves Autumn? :maple_leaf::fallen_leaf::blush:


Autumn is my favourite season! Pumpkins I mostly like in pies :smile: but this one seems cute!


This is my favorite time of year! The colors, smells, foods and drinks… everything is 100x better during the Fall. I honestly cant believe that ive never made a yarn pumpkin, probably always too busy insanely trying to finish projects before christmas. :expressionless:

I love this, the stitches are defined and the topper on that pumpkin is very unique, i dig it! :jack_o_lantern::orange_heart:

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Turned out so nice! I picked up some cinnamon sticks the other day and then saw her cute pattern. I hope to make one soon too.

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@DeborahMakariosThank you!!! :slight_smile:

@Snoogins Thank you!!! :slight_smile: I know I have been there, I’m not making Christmas presents this year, for what happened last year I don’t think I will ever make anything for anyone ever… but that is another topic… I m going to enjoy this Autumn Season as much as I can :slight_smile: my favorite,:fallen_leaf::maple_leaf::mushroom::jack_o_lantern:

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@NeedlekrafterThank you!!! :slight_smile: It is so much fun and easy pattern, Enjoy!!! Feel free to share your pics with us :slight_smile:

I love your pumpkin!


That is so cute. What did you use for the stem?

I love autumn but I wish it lasted longer. We seem to go from hot to cold and then cold to hot much too quickly. I just came home with one of Costco’s mums. They are huge and were $15. I put it on the shady side of my front porch because our temperatures are jumping back up to almost 90 for the next three days.


I just looked up the pattern. I googled Yarn and Chai, then searched under pumpkin. There are great instructions. The stem is a part of a cinnamon stick.


I absolutely love this! Awesome project.


@Hellokitten Thank you!!! :slight_smile:

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@Lovestostitch Thank you!!! :slight_smile: I used cinnamon sticks. Awesome you got mums I love mums beautiful Autumn decor for outside on the porch deck, patio etc. Awww… :cherry_blossom::fallen_leaf::maple_leaf: And yes the weather can’t make up its mind here either…

@I_Like_2_KnitnQuilt Thank you!!!:slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing!

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It looks like we are going to get a beautiful Fall here in California. I am all stocked up already with the necessary candles and pumpkin spice creamer lolol!


I hope so! I thought summer was cooler than usual.

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Here’s my autumn projects underway.

Pattern is Little Leaves and Stitches and is a pattern for a scarf made my Marta Chrzanowska (browniedoodles blog) that I slightly modified for two different blankets. Pattern is linked and is on googledrive. Here’s a link to it:


Thats pretty cool! Nice work!


Thank you so much @Snoogins. What I love about the pattern is that it’s an easy to remember pattern repeat and it works up quite fast!

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