Ashford Wheel Lovers

All lovers, owners and users of Ashford spinning wheels, please post here!

I’ll get the wheel rolling.

I was acquired by a previously-owned double-drive Ashford Traveller back in - gosh, 2012? Or was it 2011. How time flies! I named her Manuka, after the New Zealand honey. She’s seen me through several Spinzillas, Tours de Fleece, and an Iknitarod in which I spun instead of knit (Ispinarod?). I’ve ported her up to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival (in 2015), to a couple of Southeastern Animal Fiber Fairs, to Williamsburg VA, and around where I live (Savannah GA). She’s a champ.

But all you spinners know it’s so difficult to have just one wheel. I craved a saxony style. Did research, tried spinning various wheels at SAFF, and received an Elizabeth II as a Christmas present two years ago. She’s very elegant, and can spin fast (faster than me; I’m still learning, so I stay on the first and second gear ratios).

I have fiber on both wheels (of course). Even though my job (retail; started in 2018 after several years of post-lawyer/financial advisor retirement to supplement our social security income) eats up most of my time, I still plan to try to spin some every day during Tour de Fleece. I’ll try to figure out how to post photos.

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Faith kitty is the photobomber. Singles on Manuka is “Lily Pond” colorway super wash Targhee from indie dyer Beemiceelf. The colorway starts out in shades of red, progresses through yellow, then turns to shades of green.


I miss my Joy! Due to circumstances beyond my control, I had to lighten my load and she didn’t make the cut. Luckily I left her with a friend who is enjoying putting her back to good use. I foresee not being able to spin again for a couple more years, but I do plan on getting back into it when I get my house built. Spin on!! and I’ll live vicariously through your projects. :wink:

I’m sorry you had to leave your Joy behind, but I’m glad you envision a time when you can start again.

This is Lizzie, wearing some indie-dyed (and then overdid a darker purple by me) LavenderSheep’s BFL. I’d spun about 50g of this last Spinzilla (that’s how busy work was), but I’m starting up again for TdF. Spun an hour today.

What am I going to do with the singles when they’re plied, and the BeeMiceElf “Lily Pad” when they’re done? Haven’t decided. Current thought is perhaps to combine one or both with undyed natural color Romney X yarn I’ve spun (and have to spin; I have a drawer and a bag-full of scoured fleece, some of it I’ve combed) and knit a warm cardigan. My spinning, once I’ve 2plied it, typically ends up being between sport and DK weight. Perhaps I’d put some mosaic stitches on the sleeves and at the hem.