Anybody Quilt?

I’m assuming ‘sewing’ is the correct subtopic for quilting? Please correct me if I’m wrong!

I wouldn’t call myself a quilter, but I’ve been slugging away at an applique quilt since I was in my late teens (and I’m now in my early 30s). There’s an in-progress pic - as well as the cautionary tale of how I got myself into this mess - in this blog post from a couple of years ago.

It’s adapted from a paint-by-numbers design for dessert plates - so many tiny pieces! Over the last few years I’ve finished assembling the applique motif, attached it to the front, and am now slowly quilting it all together. All by hand. :woman_facepalming:


You are so brave! I learned quilting many years ago. I loved how the colors combined. I haven’t the dexterity for it anymore.

I prefer handquilting, too. Sometime post a picture when you get a chance.

I am learning to machine appliqué quilt. I am making a queen size quilt. There are 70 squares. On average 1 square takes about 4 hours. I spent 2 hours in a quilt store with s sales clerk helping me pick out all the fabric. I can put a couple of colors together, but this was has about 14 and I really needed the help! I’m on block 12… so I feel your pain!

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70 squares - whoof! You’ve got your work cut out for you :sweat_smile:

I plan to do it bits and pieces - no pun intended :grinning:
Seriously, I’ll take off and do sewing for Christmas. Every other year I make the whole family flannel pajama pants. Also I’m making my granddaughter some little things to go inside a little red bird purse like Kleenex holder and a coin purse. She is 7 and it will be her first big girl purse. I’m also making some cute pot holders and kitchen towels. I’m a “reward” sewer… if I get my ‘to-dos’ done, I’ll sew some. I will take my time!

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Yes, I quilt… or rather I cut fabric into multiple pieces then sew them back together. That is my hubby’s description of quilting. LOL! However, I find picking coordinating fabrics & colors to be calming, and it used to be my greatest love… then I had baby girls, and now I sew dresses more often than on my quilts.

I have many WIP quilt tops, and am close to finishing two of them, for my teenage boys. I prefer to hand-quilt my designs together, but that is EXTREMELY time-consuming so will likely use yarn ties at the corners of each block for my boys’ quilts.

I own two whole-cloth quilts that were hand-quilted by my Mother-I think they were soothing for her. I learned how to hand-quilt from helping her on many of the quilts she made (I made two hand-quilted whole-cloth quilts in my 20’s, one is still lacking a binding), and someday I would love to do them again.

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I’ve created a new #the-craft:quilting subforum and moved this topic to it.

@DeborahMakarios that’s a great blog post. :smiley: What a journey of project!


Thanks - for the subforum and the compliment :blush: