Another New Jersey Knitter/Designer

Hi! I’m Greta from New Jersey (Bergen County). I found out about this new knitter community from a Facebook post by a college friend (thanks, Sandy!!). Hmmm. Having been several months away from the “other place”, I hadn’t realized what was going on there.

Oh well.

I am back to knitting/designing more now that I’ve finished my 3-year re-college experience and job hunting. I have a few, minor patterns on the other site, but have about 6 patterns I was hoping to get test-knit there this fall. When I’m ready, I’m hoping there will be a test knitters group here instead. (the patterns are Christmas stockings, what I call chunky slipper socks, and baby blankets, nothing complicated, just to put in a teaser plug) I will probably move the few patterns I have here when I get the chance.

Other than that, I’m just trying to finish up a baby blanket (one of the patterns) for my 2nd grandson who will be a year old in October, which is the deadline for knitting baby blankets in my history. Then I have some shawls that I fell in love with at a local yarn store, one of which will require me to actually learn to crochet. All in good time.

That’s about all for now. Looking forward to getting to know all of you here!

Greta Heddy


Hi Greta! Nice to meet you. :grinning:
Sounds like you keep quite busy.
OpenRavel has been a refreshing change from the other place. The depth of talent here increases daily, and the site has been well-managed with suggestions considered and implemented by the Admin.
Christmas stockings and baby blankets…fun stuff to look forward to in the coming months!

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Hi Greta! My husband & I lived in NJ for 71 years. Hubby was superintendent of schools in Ramsey for 15 years. We lived in West Milford & then moved to Michigan last summer. We were on a month long vacation when “the other place” went nuclear. I finally got all of my project notes and pictures and pattern downloads off of the site and deleted my account a week ago. I joined this site and also LoveCrafts. Many of my favorite designers have patterns for sale there. Also I’ve begun posting some of my projects under my profile. I am “Knit’n in Michigan” on that site. I like this community. I hope that it really takes off.

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Ohhh I’d love to see the Christmas stockings!

Hi Jodi. I have a bunch of Christmas stockings most of which I did from 2 basic patterns. The patterns are both in a book called Knit Christmas Stockings edited by Gwen Steeg. I’ll try to post some pics later tonight or tomorrow. I like to knit a plain pattern and then add on a kniitted decoration like a snowman or tree (decorate it) or angel, etc. I also made a few fair isle stockings using the Mix-and Match Pattern . That one also leaves lots of room for making it your own style using lots of fair isle or only a little.


Stash-n-withPasdion - Those are beautiful stockings - way more fancy the mine. Love the North Pole one!

hudsonmana - I will put up some pictures of mine tomorrow. I’m getting ready to find test knitters so … look for my post and we’ll see if you think you might like to give one a try.

These are the two Christmas stockings that I designed, based on the Christmas stockings my (now-ex) husband’s aunt knit for my kids when they were born. I decided that I couldn’t knit as complicated intarsia as she did for my grandkids when they were born, so I designed a simpler pattern. I just created a chart that matched the size of the stockings my kids had, and then drew the snowman/woman. and made the top more Christmasy.

I will be writing up the pattern soon. Then, I hope that a ‘test knitter’ group will get started here like the one on the site-which-shall-not-be-named, and get the pattern tested and ready for this year’s Christmas stocking knitting season. But if not this year, then next.


Greta, those are cute patterns. I like the broom.:slightly_smiling_face: I can’t get the hang of intarsia though. I did a stocking years ago from a pattern by Mary Maxim. It was adorable but I had to go back and try to duplicate stitch all of the holes closed.
I hope the testing group gets started in time for this Christmas. Good Luck!

Thank you! Your design is very cute. I would try the test knit if you need me. I have to read up on intarsia knitting again or you tube would be better… The first design I tried had too many intersecting colors so maybe the snowman would be easier! :slightly_smiling_face:

Lol. That’s the exact reason I designed it - the other sticking, while classic, was just too many bobbins of color to bother with.

Ha! I recognize those first two stockings! I’ve done several of those, but mine were a longer version. From Knit Christmas Stockings book? They are really a fun knit.

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Hellokitten … Hi. Yes they are from the book Knit Christmas Stockings. Also Kelly’s & Susanne’s but I made the foot a solid color. I agree, a fun knit because there are so many ways to design your own stocking. I’d love to see yours !

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I would post my pics, but I left them on R. and didn’t save anything when I deleted my account. And I gave them away to my grandchildren as they were born.

Ouch! :worried: I was traveling from mid June til mid July so I had time to reflect before deleting my account on R. When I got back home it took me 2 weeks to download all my project pics and notes and my free & paid for patterns, plus any favorites I was still interested in. Then I deleted my profile. Did you originally have the pictures on your computer or Flicker? Which reminds me… I can cancel my Flicker account now!

Maybe on the computer in my husband’s office?! I’ll have to check, thanks for the idea.

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I waited a week before I deleted. It was making me physically ill. I didn’t lose anything important. I hope my 54,000 posts left a big hole there.

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