Another Former Raveler

I am glad I found your site. I don’t know if you recognize my User Name, Kimbatigger, but I left Ravelry yesterday because of a reply just mentioning the no-Trump edict was deleted. I almost left last year, but stayed. I’ve deleted my account and will not be back. Hope to be chatting with you all.


I left right after the ridiculous owners went full mental. I haven’t been tempted to go back and, honestly, I don’t even think of ravelry, they’rejust not good enoughpeople for me to bother with.



I left when they suspended me last summer for questioning their lack of objectivity… Since then I have found lots of patterns and pretty yarns from indie dyers elsewhere. Many pattern designers and indie dyers have Etsy shops. My profile still exists at the other place because I don’t know how to migrate my projects, but I have contributed no input since then.
It’s been a little quiet here lately, compared with the first few months. Maybe that’ll change as the world begins to settle down a bit.


So they’re still at it are they? I haven’t checked back there to see. Welcome here!

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welcome! I left Ravelry a long time ago too. You can’t be inclusive if you keep people out.


Welcome to the group! I left last year and refuse to let anyone promote or link them in my FB Crochet Group. I made it a rule. :slight_smile: