2020 goals

Having collected some yarn (OKAY, a lot of yarn.), I have a goal this year of knitting an adult-sized sweater.

What 2020 goals are the rest of you pursuing?


My 2020 goals have to face reality:

  1. My $ is going to fund my daughter’s wedding and
  2. Car repair/replacement for the car my husband wrecked (grrr - the third in eight yrs)
    so I have to shop/knit/spin/weave from my stash

The above in mind, I want to:

  1. finish knitting the cardigan I started in November 2019
  2. spin 8oz of purple BFL
  3. and either (two would be great; three would be fantastic; all four would be miraculous) -
    a. knit something with #2 and the 8oz already spun
    b. spin a pound of Kerry Hill fleece (half of it’s dyed dark blue, half is dyed medium blue by the shepherd whose ewes contributed this fiber)
    c. knit a shawl to wear to my daughter’s wedding in late May
    d. knit something with 3b - a poncho? a jumper?

My 2020 goal is to start writing down every time i see something knitted and beautiful in a movie or tv show - and then to attempt to begin recreating them.


I’m still knitting regularly, but not as fast or as much as I was before. So my goal for 2020 is to knit exclusively from stash unless I need a specific colorway. (My husband has asked me to knit 2 hats in team colors and I don’t have those colors in stash.) Really my goal is to buy as little yarn as possible and still be able to knit the projects I want to knit. Since leaving R I have seriously less desire to buy yarn just to stash. Plus I am definitely storing SABLE, so knitting down is a good thing!


My goals are cleaning my yarn room. It looks like I’m a hoarder in there. start using my stash up and donate what I know I won’t use. I’m pretty sure I have some awesome yarn in there somewhere.


My knitting goals for this year are

  • Knit from the baby knits book I bought.

  • Knit socks for me.

  • Knit L’s socks from her sock blank.

  • Finish knitting my handspun sweater.

  • Knit Lil’s cotton sweater.

  • Work some colorwork projects.

  • Try steeking.

  • Knit an aran weight sweater from my BMFA purple yarn.

  • Choose & Complete Make, Bake, Sew, Grow items early.

I am also trying to work my way through the WIP’s I carried into 2020. And I have spinning & design goals as well.


My knitting goal is to finish a pullover for myself, figure out floppy neck syndrome problem on a sweater I knit for my husband, figure out a whole bunch of other knitting, and get playing on my knitting machine again.

Things will get “weird” in July when my daughter moves to Salt Lake City and I’ll have space again. But due to money, and just personal desire, I want to knit up what I have. Maybe it’s my age and wanting to reduce clutter! (And I want to have things to wear in the lovely yarns I’ve bought)